Change These Words, Change Your Life

It is a brand-new school year and dance season, so it’s the perfect new beginning to talk about a couple magic words that have the power to change everything.

Did you know the words “I am…” and whatever follows them, are the most potent words you can say?

Think about it. You’re in dance class working on your pirouettes, or that super tricky tap step, or your handstands. Everyone else around you is getting it really well, but you’re riding the struggle bus. What’s going through your head in that moment? Is it, “I am SO BAD at this!” Or are you thinking, “All right I’ll get it with time and practice. I am going to be okay.”

You’re at school, and you get an F on your math test. Don’t say, “I am so stupid at math. I am such an idiot!” Instead, look at the F on your paper without building your identity around it, and pick a new thought like, “This doesn’t feel good. I need to study more and go in and get some extra help. I’m not sure what went wrong here, but I am going to work it out.”

Can you see the difference? In the first math test scenario, you’re giving yourself a major flaw. I am stupid. What can you do with that?! Not only are you mean to yourself, but you’re also stuck now too. Geez that’s depressing. But in the second version, you take ownership of the problem and empower yourself to grow in spite of it.

Dancers, it’s so hard to do anything when you have a bully in your ear, putting you down all the time. It’s even harder when the bully lives inside your head!

DON’T be your own bully. Stick up for yourself by upgrading the words you use after “I am…” It won’t just change your school day or dance class- it will transform your life.