Course Descriptions


(Ages 3-6)

Pre-Primary introduces our youngest dancers to tap and ballet in an upbeat setting. Students will learn foundational steps and terminology while promoting spatial awareness, balance and coordination. Perfect for students as young as 3 and up to 6. Please note, all classes are “kiss and go.”


(Ages 3-6)

Pre-Primary introduces our youngest dancers to tap and hip hop in an upbeat setting. Students will learn foundational steps and terminology while promoting spatial awareness, balance and coordination. Perfect for students as young as 3 and up to 6. Please note, all classes are “kiss and go.”


(Ages 5 & 6 EXCLUSIVELY)

Progressive Pre-Primary is designed specifically to tap into the magical age of our 5 and 6 year old dancers nearing the end of their time pre-primary, but not developmentally ready for the primary level. This class consists of tap, ballet, jazz and tumbling, and meets twice a week.

Active Isolated Flexibility

(Ages 10 and Up)

In this class dancers will improve performance, increase flexibility and prevent injury… all tools to longevity. Created by an exercise physiologist known as “the mechanic” for his ability to fine-tune athletes, and his son, Phil Wharton, a sports therapist and competitive long-distance runner, their revolutionary Active Isolated Flexibility program is practiced in fitness centers all over the world. This class will take dancers through a series of stretches that will reduce workload by removing tightness, so that dancers can swing their limbs more freely. Active Isolated Flexibility stretches transport oxygen and quickly remove toxins from muscles, so recovery is faster for dancers and athletes of all levels. Active Isolated Flexibility stretches are performed using ropes (provided) and work as a deep massage technique to activate muscle fibers during stretching.


(Ages 7 and Up)

Classical ballet is the foundation of dance. Dancers will train at the barre and in center. In addition, they will learn theory, French terminology, alignment/posture and moving with grace. Ages 7 and up.


(Ages 7 and Up)

This class is devoted to the traditional exercises of ballet barre work. Our barre work is composed of both slow and fast exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles and increase mobility to execute proper ballet technique.
*This is open to all ages and skill levels. This class is a required class for students of Intermediate Ballet. This is NOT a “barre fitness” class.


(Ages 7 and Up)

This energetic and acrobatic class will get the heart pumping as students dance their way through the history of this cultural phenomenon with classic technique and the newest moves.

Choreography Sampler

(Ages 10 and Up)

The ability to pick up and retain new choreography quickly is a skill, and that’s exactly what we’ll practice in this class. For most dancers, learning choreography is also “the fun part” of dance class, so this one is sure to please. Dancers will learn basic new choreography each week based in several different styles, like a dance convention. (Offered in the summer only.)


(Ages 10 and Up)

Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including but not limited to modern, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and classical ballet, and is therefore best suited to dancers who have some dance experience. As opposed to a structured syllabus, contemporary dance stresses versatility, fluidity, and improvisation while connecting the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. (Offered in the summer only.)


(Ages 7 and Up)

This class focuses on the tumbling skills needed to perform dance tricks. Students will get a great workout and build both strength and flexibility in this fun and challenging class. (Offered in the fall/spring only.)


(Ages 11 and Up)

This class is for those students desiring to work at EDC one day. Students will learn the basics of education- methodology, pedagogy, and classroom management- to become a great leader and teacher. Not all students who take this class are guaranteed a future job at EDC, but taking this class is a requirement if you do hope to work with us one day. (Offered in summer only.)


(Ages 7 and Up)

Students have a blast as they develop an understanding of rhythm and space by learning the techniques of trending moves and evolved street-style dancing. We use only clean, positive hip hop music to slay the dance floor.


(Ages 7 and Up)

Jazz builds upon foundational dance technique and encourages personal expression and stage presence. Dancers will work on flexibility, strength and style using lively, mainstream music the kids will know and love.


(Ages 10 and Up)

Lyrical is a style of dance created from the fusion of Ballet and Jazz. It is performed to contemporary music that draws inspiration from the song lyrics to express emotion and tell a story. It is required for Lyrical students to also take a Ballet and a Jazz class. (Offered in the fall/spring only.)


(Ages 9 and Up)

This class is designed to help students get stronger and more flexible for their other dance styles. This specialized class is a way to thoroughly improve your dance technique, and it’s a workout too. (Offered in summer only.)


(Ages 9 and Up)

Choreography class inspires creativity and allows students to become the teacher. They will learn how to craft choreography and collaborate with one another to use the elements learned to turn their vision for a dance into a reality. (Offered in summer only.)

Pointe & Pre-Pointe

(Pointe by Director Invitation & Examination, Pre-Pointe by Student Request)

Pointe class is designed for students with previous ballet training. Pointe students will utilize ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Pre-Pointe students will work in flats with the goal of readying themselves to pass their pointe examination within a couple of years. Class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations with exercises that focus on strengthening the feet, ankles and core.


(Ages 7 and Up)

Tap is so much more than making music with the feet through steps and combinations. Dancers train their ear by learning rhythm, musicality and style in this entertaining class.


(Ages 7 and Up)

This class is designed to help students focus on the turns and leaps dancers perform in Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical classes. This specialized technique class is a way to thoroughly improve your dancing, and it’s FUN too.