Inclement Weather Policy

Do we have dance tonight?

It’s always 72 degrees with a 100% chance of fun inside the dance studio, but sometimes we have to make the difficult decision to close for inclement weather.

Here’s how we do that:

1. We do not make these decisions until 12pm. Weather changes quickly in Colorado.

2. We typically follow Adams12 for snow closures, but they are not the final word.

3. What factors into the decision to close:

-Do we feel it is safe for staff to drive to work? (Many of our staff come from further than our students-East Brighton, Lakewood, Greeley).

-Do we feel it is it safe for families to get to the studio?

-Is the weather predicting that conditions will improve or deteriorate during the time period we hold classes?

Other FAQs:
4. If you cancel, how will we know?
-We will send a push notification to the EDC app, we will post a notice in the Band app, and we will send an email.

5. If you cancel, can I get my money back?
-Our tuition installment plan is structured to cover the cost of an entire semester, and allows for up to 2 snow days per class day. If we go over two snow days per class day, then a makeup day will be scheduled for those classes, just like regular school.

6. If you cancel, can we make up in another class?
-We don’t have the capacity to allow for makeups in other classes, just like school. If we exceed 2 cancellations, then we will provide a makeup day.

7. You did not cancel classes and now I am so mad we have to go out in this weather. How could you?!
-Keep calm and carry on. Just because we show up to dance, doesn’t mean you have to. We trust you to make decisions that are best and safest for your family.

Canceling classes is never our favorite, but as they say, “You can’t control the weather!”