Wouldn’t it be neat to graduate high school with honors in dance?

Then do it.

Our studio’s NHSDA chapters help to advance the field of dance education while celebrating the artistic and academic achievements of our exceptional dance students. Our students deserve the honor and prestige that comes from their achievement in dance. Our dancers are working hard on academics and leadership all while perfecting their dance craft outside of school. The personal gratification that students receive from being inducted into the NHSDA is a boost to their self-worth, and graduating high school with honor cords is the icing on the cake. 

“They say that high school is your formative years, but I grow more in my classes at dance then I do at my school. I’ve built strong relationships at my studio. Elevate is my home and I spend just as much time with my dance family as I do my real family.” -Emma, Rise Chapter Inductee

“I have been taught how to love my body and feel confident in anything I set out to do. I feel as though this has had a huge positive impact on my mental health. I plan to use this impact on the younger generation of dancers. When I teach my own classes, I want to be a role model and help my students build their confidence with their fellow dance friends.” -Isabella, Rise Chapter Inductee

“Dance makes an acronym of really important character traits that dance has helped me learn: D- dependable, devoted. A- adaptable. N- nice. C- confident. E- easy-going and encouraging. Dance is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Dance has made me a better person and a better friend.” -Savannah, Jr. Rise Inductee

“The most important lesson that I have taken away from dance is that believing in myself and perseverance are what will carry me the farthest. Every blister, every fall, and every sore muscle has he;ped me understand that challenges are a part of life and those obstacles won’t stop me from working hard every single day to beat yesterday’s version of myself.” -Sidney, Jr. Rise Inductee

“I will use the positive influence my coaches have and keep having on me, to show other people and my community the kindness we should spread around the world. I will help create a positive community.” -Reagan, Jr. Rise Inductee