5 Reasons Not To Hang Up Your Dance Shoes Alllllllllll Summer

Summer is often associated with relaxation, vacations, and a break from routine. For many dancers, it’s tempting to take a hiatus from dance classes during these warmer months. However, while a gigantic break might seem appealing, it can actually hinder progress and growth in the long run.(Talk about a fun sponge, sheesh!) Here are 5 reasons how summer dance can make all the difference:

  1. Keep Momentum. Have a goal you’ve been trying to crush? Want to join TEAM in the fall? Hoping to get noticed for your awesome skills? Well, regular class attendance provides dancers with the structure and support they need to progress towards their goals. Taking the summer off can disrupt this momentum and make it harder to stay motivated and focused.
  2. Stay Connected To Your Dancefam. Dance is not a solitary pursuit but a collaborative art form that thrives on community and connection. It’s a dancer’s home away from home, and that’s why we call ourselves the dancefam. By attending classes throughout the summer, dancers who stay in touch strengthen these connections and feel supported in their artistic journey.
  3. Explore New Styles. Summer dance is a great time to mix up the routine by trying something new. At EDC, our summer program offers a variety of classes that are not available during the regular season. This presents dancers with new opportunities and some fresh excitement to explore new styles to broaden their skillset, while discovering more about what types of dance they’re most passionate about. Summer classes inspire creativity and help dancers grow both artistically and technically.
  4. Build Strength and Stamina. Dance is not only about technique, but also physical strength and endurance. Skipping summer classes can result in a loss of strength and stamina, making it more difficult to execute movements with precision and power. Dancers who train consistently continually challenge their bodies, and gain an edge for the upcoming season.
  5. Maintain Technique. Dancing requires constant practice to maintain proficiency. Just like any other athletic pursuit, dancers need to keep their bodies in shape and their technique sharp. Taking a break from classes can lead to a decline in muscle memory and flexibility, making it harder to pick up where you left off when you return to the studio in the fall. Consistency is key to mastering technique, and regular classes throughout the summer avoid the “summer slide,” and keeping dancers on track for continued improvement.

By attending classes throughout the summer, dancers are continually growing, and setting themselves up for success in the upcoming season and beyond. And as if you needed a 6th bonus reason, let’s not forget that summer dance is F*U*N! At EDC summer dance means we’re NOT preparing for a performance, dance is NOT keeping you out late on a school night, and even though the sun is always shining inside the studio, you are NOT leaving in the cold, damp, darkness. So think twice before tucking those dance shoes away in the back of the closet this summer – your future self is waiting to thank you for it later this fall!

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