Our Testimonials

“We are so glad we found your program. Things are run professionally – from the informative emails to the high quality production of each show!” -Spring Show

“It is clear you all have a passion for kids and dance, as well as making it easy for families. Also, the ease for a busy/working mom of two young ones, the amount of time and energy you save me in keeping me informed and “doing all the things for me” ahead of opt out/in periods. As a new “dance mom” I feel like I am gaining confidence in my own stride on how to support my child in dance as well with all of your help.”

“All staff has helped shape my children, and they love you all. I am happy to have a safe place for my kids to express themselves, with no body judgement, pressure, or harsh feelings from peers. I love this dance studio and everything about it! Keep up the excellent work.”

“I love that this school focuses on performing over competing. We love the staff and everyone is so friendly. I see my daughter learning technique that will make her a great dancer. I would recommend this studio to everyone.” -Google Review

“Amazing studio! My daughter has been taught by these instructors for 13 years and I couldn’t ask for better role models!!!” -Google Review

“I have known Dena as a friend and a colleague for years. She is an amazing and passionate teacher who loves her craft and her students. Every young person should learn to dance, and learn to dance with this troupe!” -Facebook Review

“Ms. Dena taught dance to our entire school within three days. Each class she taught was well planned and specifically geared for the different age groups. She is a very capable, professional teacher through and through. I loved her ability to engage all age groups to have fun and move their bodies. Her many years of experience were obvious and more importantly her love for teaching the students dance. I highly recommend her and Elevate Dance Center!” -Google Review

“Our 2.5 year old just loves dance class and Dena! We are so thankful we chose Elevate!” -Facebook Review

“My daughter LOVES her dance school. Ms. Dena and staff are the absolute best. As a single, over protective parent, I feel so safe and comfortable leaving her while she dances. She has become more confident and loves to perform and participate in the community service events.” -Google Review

“I LOVE ELEVATE DANCE! The owner Dena Cronholm is AMAZING! Her ability to reach students of all ages is heart warming. It is a family atmosphere and my daughter has grown so much both as a dancer and person since her time with Elevate. We look forward to our future with this dance team!” -Google Review

“The classes at Elevate Dance Center are engaging and fun for the kids and the teachers push them to be their best self. EDC has the best families and such sweet kids!!!” -Facebook Review

“Elevate Dance Center is exactly what we were looking for in a dance studio. A schedule that met our needs, competitive pricing and teachers that want their dancers to enjoy dance while also allowing them to pursue other activities. You can tell that Dena, the owner, has poured her heart and soul into this dance studio and we could not be happier to have found this gem!”  -Google Review

“Can’t say enough about this studio. One of things I love ❤️ being a former dancer is that they are a Performing studio. Teaching techniques that will build strong confident dancers. My daughter who is 10 takes many classes and love it all!” -Facebook Review

“My son and daughter have both had an awesome experience at Elevate Dance Center. It’s such a great community of families and teachers!” -Google Review

“We are so glad we found Elevate and Miss Dena! So wonderful with the kids. My daughter has already learned so much in a short time and wishes she could go more often!! The instructors make it fun for the kids, but are serious about the learning aspect. I can’t say enough great things about Elevate!” -Google Review

“I’m really happy to have found Elevate Dance Studio for my daughter! Dena and the other instructors truly care for the kids and my daughter loves the classes. My daughter is 4 years old and is taking ballet, tap and hip hop and I can tell that she genuinely is happy when she is in the class and she is learning so much. She loves to come home and practice what she learns. I am also impressed with the communication to parents about upcoming events, classes and shows. We had been to another studio prior to this, and left because it was so unorganized. Dena does a great job of letting parents know what is happening and how to prepare. I highly recommend Elevate Dance to anyone looking for a place for their child to learn and enjoy dancing.”      -M. Draxler