Burning Q&A With Author Elizabeth Benton, Part III of III

In this final installment of this three-part series with Elizabeth Benton, we discuss health and wellness. Besides being the author of Chasing Cupcakes, a mindset coach, founder of The Dagny Foundation, and host of the Primal Potential podcast, EB has also radically transformed her life by losing over 200lbs. If you enjoy the wisdom she dispenses here, make sure you wish yourself a Happy New Year by treating yourself to a copy of her book or listening to the Primal Potential podcast. If you missed Part I or Part II, make sure you catch up! 


A lot of our dancers are starting to train more and dance longer hours. What is your current favorite portable snack for sustained energy? 

I’ll absolutely share my favorite portable snack ideas, with the caveat that I’m not a dancer or an endurance athlete. I also have to say: I’m not much of a snacker. I prefer meals that strategically satisfy my energy and hunger until the next meal. In a pinch, I like EPIC bars (the turkey one is my favorite) or macadamia nuts.


What did you eat for breakfast today? Why?

This morning I had a plant-based protein shake (chocolate) with probiotics, greens, frozen cauliflower rice, unsweetened almond milk and cashew butter. It’s quick and easy, it’s a great way to pack in tons of nutrients and it keeps me full until lunch.


What have you done really well lately?

I’m proud of the way I have prioritized sleep. Grief, trauma and now a second pregnancy have demanded a lot from me and I’ve been very consistent about getting more sleep.


“Leaders are readers.” What are you reading right now? Why?

I’m not! I love to read, but I also am sensitive to when I need less input (and often, more output). So, I’m spending a lot of time writing my next book, but I’m not reading anything.


You often talk about gratitude and focusing on solutions rather than problems. I call this focusing on the good– how do you routinely practice it?

I’d say I probably focus on solutions and being a creative, energetic problem solver. In terms of how I practice focusing on the good, it’s usually via questions. If I feel stressed, overwhelmed or like something is wrong or unfair, I’ll often ask myself, “What’s good?”