7 Of Our Best Kept Studio Secrets

Did you know….

  1. We like to give you dance shoes for free. Before the start of each session we host a Gear Swap & Uniform Fitting. We bust out our huge collection of gently used shoes and outgrown leotards, and we set them on tables for you to come “shopping.” If something fits, then you’re welcome to it for free. If you prefer new gear or can’t find a used item in your size, then we’ll fit you on the spot and order your gear for you. We keep our new gear affordable, we never charge for shipping, and we always guarantee a perfect fit! 
  2. We have a giving fund. We believe dance should be accessible to everyone, so we created The Elevate Dance Center Giving Fund. The EDCGF is a scholarship fund devoted to making sure dance lessons do not stop for EDC students who fall upon financial hardship. Financial assistance is determined by application and may be awarded based on need and/or merit. Students who apply for and receive a scholarship from the EDCGF  are provided any combination of tuition, fees and other associated costs (uniform, equipment, costume, production fee, etc.) for a dance education with us. We have awarded almost $2000 in scholarships to date, and our primary source of funding comes from King Soopers Community Awards. Register your card today, and help us keep kids dancing!
  3. We blog. We love writing about dance and teaching our families about dance studio life. We post helpful articles such as, How To Choose The Best Dance Studio for your family, Why It’s Better You Don’t Watch Dance Class and What’s So Great About Signing Up To Do Performances. We also tackle tough conversations like, What Does A Life Of Dance Look Like, #boysdancetoo, and Why Dance. Tune in to learn about all things #dancelife, and please share relevant articles with your dancer.
  4. We’re super communicators. If we had a dime for everytime we heard a parent from other dance studios complain about how they never know what’s going on, man we’d be rich! Lucky for you, we don’t roll like that. We are a hoppin’ community with a lot going on, but if you make even the eensy-weensiest effort to stay informed around here, then you WILL know what’s happening and how to get involved. We send a weekly email newsletter (Check your junk! Gmail users, this goes to your “promotions” folder- send it to your inbox instead), occasional Remind text alerts, and we post on our social media channels almost daily. We are active on Facebook with a business page and a private group for our families, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Also, we post announcements in the Parent Portal- so you can login anytime it’s convenient for you and catch up on studio news. If you think we talk to you too much, you can always mute the channels you don’t want to hear. Just pick your favorite way to listen, and stay caught up!
  5. We’re not into competition- we hope everyone crosses the finish line. So we don’t compete. That makes us a “rec studio,” right? Wrong! Just because we don’t dance for trophies doesn’t mean we don’t get out there and do our thang. We host a bunch of opportunities for our students, including a performance team, dance trips to awesome places such as Orlando and Nashville, and special events and master instructors. We focus on fantastic technical training that will allow our dancers to go after their goals in dance- whatever they may be- all while KEEPING DANCE FUN! 
  6. That’s right, we travel to cool places. Every other year, we travel with Dance The World and take an amazing vacation your whole family will love. We make memories through dance by performing in a parade in an awesome costume, dancing on a world famous stage, and taking class with a celebrity instructor. There is plenty of time to recharge on your vacation and have a blast spending time with your family and EDC community. Our trips are open to all with accessible requirements to attend. Performers can be as young as 7 years old. It’s not too late to join us in Nashville in July of 2021, so ask for details!
  7. We strive to delight you. Seriously, we do. We are doing dance differently, and it’s on purpose. That whole Dance Mom’s show and Negative Nelly culture it promotes in the dance world? So dumb. We work really hard to add value to your life without adding to your payment, and we’re known for our above-and-beyond surprises. Past delights have included gifted professional photos at our winter show, a visit from the Sugarplum Fairy, dance storytime with an author, Little Monster’s Ball for predancers, Bring-A-Friend weeks, summer celebrations, individual evaluations for primary and above, and more. YOU are what makes us have the best families in this business, and it’s our pleasure to show you that you are loved, wanted and appreciated. We think you’re pretty neat, and we try to let you know it!