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    Holiday in Whoville 2023

     Christmas Show  Info & Frequently Asked Questions

The Christmas Show is a great time for dancers to celebrate their growth throughout the fall session and a magical way to kick off the holiday break.

  • Our show is Saturday, December 16th at 10:00am at Monfort Concert Hall at Union Colony Civic Center – 701 10th Ave. in Greeley. [There is NO dress rehearsal for the Christmas show.]
  • Production dues are $100 for the first dancer and $75 for each sibling. Fees will be charged to the card on file on 10/2. 

**ACTION REQUIRED** Read the show info. and FAQ’s carefully, then complete one of the following:

  1. If you want your dancer to perform, click here and input your dancer’s pajama size by10/1. (If you are unable to complete the form in time, then you are consenting to our educated guess on pajama sizing for your dancer.)
  2. If you DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE in the show, you must fill out this OPT-OUT by 10/1.  (Your child will NOT receive a costume. Your child WILL continue to participate fully in class for the remainder of the session, with NO penalty or changes to their normal class routine.)

Why is the show in Greeley? This venue is a dream come true from every angle of esthetics, professionalism, size and value. It’s worth the drive. 

What do we wear? The “costume” is included at Christmas- we purchase pajamas for the dancers to wear. It keeps the costs down and has become an annual tradition for the Christmas performance at EDC!

Is this one of those three-hour dealies? My niece’s recital is SOOOOO LONNNNNG. 

This year’s show will be approximately 2 hours total with a 15 minute intermission. There are no costume changes with this show, which speeds things along. It is important to note that nobody will be allowed to check out early, such as during intermission. If you will not stay for the entire show, then do not sign up to perform.  

Do we have to participate? Participation in the show is 100% optional. About 95% of our student body performs in our shows. Imagine going to baseball practice week after week but never playing a game- the Christmas and Spring shows are our World Series. If you can swing it, we highly recommend joining in the fun.   

Who should NOT do the show?  Skip it if you have a scheduling conflict, you don’t want to invest the time or money, you are grumpy about driving to Greeley, you will not stay for the entire performance, or you are stressed in any capacity about naptime, peeing pants, being away from mom for a couple of hours, crying on stage, etc.- It’s okay to wait until this feels good for the whole family- dance is supposed to be fun! Rest assured your dancer won’t be treated differently or sit out during class time. 

What are “Production Dues?” Is that just a way for you dance teachers to get rich?

We wish. The $100 non-refundable production dues collected in advance offset the high cost of producing the show, including but not limited to the venue rental, EDC staff plus additional support staff, venue custodial staff, a professional light board operator/stage manager/sound tech/stagehands etc., videography and editing, Christmas pajamas, a digital download of the show for every family, all of the photos our photographer takes, and more. We are very excited to offer the kids such a fun show experience while still keeping the fee affordable for our families. 

What is not included? Tell me the true cost of participating. 

  • Tickets are not included in the production dues and must be purchased for every human in the auditorium. ($12.50-$25.00. Children under 2 on a lap are $3.50- which covers the venue ticketing fee for their free ticket. Performers do not require a ticket.)
    • At this time there are no official limits to the number of tickets you’re able to purchase, however we ask you to try to limit yourself to no more than 6 tickets per student, and we are expecting a sell-out show at this 1600-seat venue for the first time ever.
  • There will be OPTIONAL products and services offered to you at an additional cost such as flowers and cake pops for your dancer, bottled water, etc. 

What else should I know about costumes?

  • We will order and deliver Christmas pajamas to each performer ahead of the show. 
  • Parents are responsible for the correct style and color of shoes, as well as any required tights or leotard per our dress code. [You will not be asked to purchase anything outside of the required dress code for your dancer’s class/es]
  • We’ll ask you to help style their hair and makeup before arriving at the venue. Details to come later. 

What do I need to do as a parent? I come hang out and help the whole time, right? 

Your role is an important one. First, we need you to support your dancer and be a bright, positive light in their dance experience, including show. Second, we need you to help your dancer arrive on time and prepared with their costume and correct shoes, and with their hair and makeup done. With this style of show, that is the extent of your involvement- easy peasy! ONLY EDC staff is allowed to help with this show. We have plenty of background-checked supervision backstage. Your child is in great hands, we promise. For more peace of mind, please watch this short video on EDC shows

How many times will I get to see my dancer on stage?

This depends on how many classes your dancer takes. Each class performs one dance in the show, except Technique Conditioning, Open Barre, Pre-Pointe, Turns & Leaps, and Acro, which are strictly technique classes. Pre-primary classes perform ONE of their two styles of dance from their class, not both. Progressive Pre-Primary performs TWO of their styles of dance. All dancers will come out for an ending bow. 

So it seems to me my dancer will only be on stage for a few minutes of the whole show. Is it really worth it? Absolutely! While it’s true YOU may only see YOUR child up there for a few minutes, it is a complete, delightful and entertaining show for you, and an entire experience for THEM. The kids LOVE to be a part of a greater whole- it’s very satisfying. Showtime is both a memory-maker and a learning experience for the kids.

At my son’s preschool, the teachers came out and did the performance with the kids. Why don’t you come out and dance with them so they look really good? We think they look great already! They are so darned cute the only thing we could do by being out there is distract you. We are not interested in teaching the kids to just follow the adults so they look better, we care about building the necessary skills (confidence, discipline, memorization, courage, independence…) so they can do it themselves and enjoy the lovely side effect of self-pride. 

I didn’t grow up dancing, but all my 5 year old did was spin around and point her foot a few times. Can I get my money back? Respectfully, we disagree. We saw a dancer who was strong and confident enough to get out on stage in front of people and smile. We saw a dancer who knew when the dance began, how it ended, and even remembered some of the middle all on her own! We saw her plie, releve, bourre, arabesque, chasse, tendu and pique. We saw a dancer who got out on stage without an adult coaxing her along. We saw a child who tried something new and sort of scary to most people. We’re pretty proud. You should be too! Now head out and get that sweet dancer some flowers!  

All right, we’re totally in. But I want my child to ROCK. What can I do to help?

  • Yay! Ok most importantly, please help your dancer have fantastic attendance and arrive prepared to dance (shoes, hair, uniform). Try not to miss unless it’s really necessary. If a dancer has an injury (not a contagious illness), bring them anyway to observe the lesson and/or stand in their place in the formation if able.If your dancer misses four classes after the opt-out period ends, you will still receive your costume, but your dancer will not perform on stage.  
  • We often tell our dancers, “Practice makes confident.” If you can help your dancer practice at home by encouraging them to show you their dance, do it with them, have siblings do it together, or any other manner of encouragement, this helps. BUT don’t make practicing a chore, homework, or otherwise lame and boring. Dance is FUN!
  • And finally, please leave the coaching to us. We value progress over perfection, and we’re excited for you to see the kids’ growth. Avoid the comparison trap of any kind, and help us celebrate your child on their own unique journey with dance. 

You did not answer all my questions. Now what? 

  • We will post everything in the Recital Hub on your EDC app, which will cover burning questions in detail. 
  • Join us on Zoom for a Christmas Show meeting on Tuesday, September 19th at 7pm. Meeting ID 262 142 1166, password 5678.  
  • We know you may still have questions -especially if it’s your first show- so please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help! Please email for any logistical questions, or philosophical questions, and we will make sure you are confident and comfortable with all things for the Christmas Show!                                  
  • Fill in a box each time you practice your dance OUTSIDE of dance class. 
  • Complete the card for a chance to win cool EDC swag, but the real winning will come when you feel super confident on stage. 
  • Print at home and fill out one sheet for each dance you have, OR if you’re tech-y you can do a screenshot and mark it up for a digital version. Do you practice enough to complete the page and start a new one? 
  • To enter the drawing, turn in your printed sheet at the front desk, OR post it as a comment on the Band notice with the hashtag #practicemakesconfident (you can search that hashtag to find it) no later than Monday 12/11. Make sure your name is on it!
  • Tickets are reserved seating and will go on sale Black Friday, November 24th at 12pm (noon)
  • Tickets will be sold through the Union Colony Civic Center online platform, NOT through EDC. 
  • The link will go live at NOON on Friday, November 24th and stay open until the show begins on Saturday, December 16th. 
  • Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. If you do not purchase tickets prior to the show, you will still need to order online from the parking lot, before entering the facility.
  • We are not placing a limit on tickets, but we are expecting a sell-out show and we kindly ask families to self-limit to 6 tickets per dancer. If you know you will need more or you know you will use less, please comment on the Holiday in Whoville Band post so we can attempt to keep track and avoid snafus.
  • Tickets are tiered pricing and range from $12.50-$25 per person. 
    • Tier A & B tickets receive access to take photos with The Grinch in the lobby after the show.
  • Performers are FREE and do not require a ticket.
  • Tickets for children 2 and under are $3.50 (which covers the required venue ticket processing fees). 
    • The Union Colony Civic Center requires every audience member to have a ticket to enter the facility. Even if you have a baby in a car seat, you will need to purchase a child-priced ticket.

Caring for your Costumes Although our costumes are simple pjs, please treat them as costumes until AFTER the show. Do not wear them to bed or wash them 30 times before the show. We want to keep the colors bright, and costumes clean. Please try them on as soon as you receive them and hang them up to relax wrinkles. If your pjs are too big or too long, pin them with safety pins. Take care of this ahead of show day. Please do not wear tights- they will make the pjs stick to the dancer’s legs. Some dances, such as Breakdance, have inversions. It is encouraged that dancers wear a nude or black leotard under their pjs to avoid any “wardrobe malfunctions” and to protect your dancer’s modesty.   


  • Ballet students wear pink leather ballet shoes.
  • Tap students wear black tap shoes (polish them!). 
  • Jazz students wear black slip-on jazz shoes (polish them!).
  • Lyrical students wear tan slip-on lyrical turners.
  • Hip Hop students wear their regular black hip hop shoes from class and plain black no-show socks.
  • Pre-Primary Students wear only the shoes required for their performance.
    • Monday tap/ballet 4:30pm – black tap shoes 
    • Monday tap/hippety hop 4:30pm – hip hop shoes
    • Tuesday tap/ballet 5:15pm – pink leather ballet shoes
    • Wednesday tap/ballet 4:30pm – pink leather ballet shoes
    • Thursday tap/hippety hop 4:30pm – hip hop shoes
    • Saturday 9:00am – pink leather ballet shoes
    • Saturday 9:45am – black tap shoes
  • Monday/Wednesday Progressive Pre-Primary Students will need pink leather ballet shoes AND black tap shoes.
  • Tuesday/Thursday Progressive Pre-Primary Students will need pink leather ballet shoes AND black tap shoes.

Done-For-You Show Souvenirs

Order your optional show souvenirs today! We will have your purchased item for pick up in the lobby, prior to the show so you can congratulate your dancer with an on-theme gift! Orders close on Sunday, December 3rd.
  1. Log into your Parent Portal
  2. Click on Studio Store
  3. Click the Show Souvenir tab
  4. Add the Show Souvenirs you’d like to purchase to your cart and checkout.
    • 1 Glitter Dipped Rose for $6.00
    • A Bouquet of Glitter Dipped Roses for $15.00
    • 1 Individually Wrapped Cake Pop for $6.00
    • A Bouquet of of 3 Cake Pops for $15.00
*You can also do this from the EDC app if you like that better!
  • Arrive to the venue with hair and make-up done. 
  • All hair, regardless of style, must be pulled back and sprayed into place.  No bangs- keep faces clear.
  • Female Pre-Primary and Progressive Pre-Primary dancers should wear their own version of “Who-hair.” What is Who-hair you ask? Think a toned down version of “crazy hair day” WITHOUT extra ornaments (no wigs, bows, headbands, hair coloring, etc.)
  • All other female dancers should have a low bun with no whispies. Please do not wear any hair accessories. 
  • What if your hair is too short for a bun? Pin it low, back, and out of your face.

How to make the perfect bun:
Supplies Needed:  brush, hairspray or gel, hair tie, hair net, bobby pins.

  • Wet hair down, brush back neatly and put into a ponytail
  • Twist hair in ponytail and then circle around the hair tie
  • Fasten with a few bobby pins
  • Place hair net around bun, taking extra material and hiding it beneath bun
  • Secure net with a few bobby pins
  • Spray or gel down hair-No fly-aways!


  • Tinted moisturizer/foundation/powder to even skin tone
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Rose colored blush
  • Red Lipstick (Cover girl #830)
  • Eyebrows filled in
  • False eyelashes (Only Secondary/Intermediate/Advanced level students wear them!)
  • The purpose of stage makeup is so we can clearly see your dancer’s face from the audience and in the video. You should not feel like your dancer is starring on “Toddlers and Tiaras.” For a really great explanation on the WHY behind stage makeup, click here.
  • In truth, boys “should” wear light stage makeup too, for the same reasons that the girls do. In professional theatre, this is always the case. However, because we have many boys who would run for the hills if we told them to wear makeup, we do not require it, as we want to keep our boys dancing. In the spirit of equality, this opt-out is also extended to the girls if they absolutely will not wear makeup or if your family is against it.
  • If your dancer will be wearing makeup as we prefer, then please follow our guidelines below, ESPECIALLY REGARDING COLORS so the dancers look natural and bright.

The No No List: jewelry, gum, eating or drinking in costume, valuables

Examples of stage makeup:

Show Day Times & Location

  • Show Time & Location
    • Saturday, December 16th at 10:00am.
    • Monfort Concert Hall at Union Colony Civic Center – 701 10th Ave. Greeley, CO 80631
    • Lobby doors open at 9:00pm. The concert hall opens for seating at 9:30am.
  • Dancer Call Time (Show Day)
    • All dancers must arrive ON TIME with performance hair and make-up ALREADY DONE.
    • We recognize we have some families with multiple children and different call times. Thank you for your help and understanding.
    • TEAM, Intermediate, Advanced Dancers: check-in at 8:30am
    • Secondary Dancers: check-in at 8:45am
    • Primary Dancers: check-in at 9:00am
    • Progressive Pre-Primary Dancers: check-in at 9:15am
      • Progressive Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, Advanced and TEAM Dancers will check-in at the Backstage Entrance of the Union Colony Civic Center (diagram below.)
      • If your dancer is in multiple levels, such as primary jazz and secondary tap, check in/out with the higher level.
    • Pre-Primary Dancers: check-in at 9:30am
      • Pre-Primary students are to bring NOTHING with them. Please take them to the restroom and put their dance shoes on for them before checking in. Do not send them in with snacks, drinks, coats or toys. We will provide water for them if they need a drink.
      • Enter at the main entrance of the building. Take your dancer to the restroom there. Walk all the way through the lobby toward the north bar, and proceed to the “Green Room” check-in. There will be signage and/or volunteers to direct you.

We are so excited to provide you with a digital program this year! Click the button below to choose the version you like best.

  • Show Policies, Tips & Etiquette
    • Dearest Dance Parent, YOU are pure magic. Reading all of the show information is no small task. Thank you for making EDC your home for dance, and for your investment of time, money and emotional energy in support of your dancer. You’ve made an awesome choice.
    • On show day, outside water bottles are strictly prohibited per venue rules. We will have water for purchase for $1 each before and after the show, and you are welcome to take it inside the auditorium (cash only).
    • Primary, Secondary, Intermediate and Advanced Dancers can bring a water bottle (water only please), labeled with their name. Dancers are not allowed to share water bottles with anyone, no exceptions.
    • Please make sure all dancers eat a hearty breakfast that will provide lasting energy. The show is not super long, but there are no snacks at the venue on show day.
    • No parents are allowed backstage. Help us make sure you retrieve all of your dancer’s belongings by CLEARLY LABELING every item you bring. Please DO NOT BRING EXTRA stuff- it’s just more to keep track of!
    • As mentioned, Pre-Primary students are to bring NOTHING with them. Please take them to the restroom and put their dance shoes on for them before checking in. Do not send them in with snacks, drinks, coats or toys. We will provide water for them if they need a drink. We can take them to the restroom if they need to go, but help us avoid a class field trip to the potty by doing your part.
    • Thank you for your continued trust in our school. As with the transmission of any communicable disease like a cold or the flu, you may be exposed to COVID-19, also known as “Coronavirus,” at any time or in any place. Despite our careful attention to cleanliness and personal space, there is still a chance that you could be exposed to an illness during this time. Due to the nature of the services we provide and the clientele we serve (namely children), it is not possible to guarantee you won’t be exposed to a communicable disease, such as COVID-19. By attending this performance, you acknowledge and accept this risk.
    • And now a tough-love note from Dena:  The entire EDC staff has 3,000,000 things to do on dress rehearsal and show day all in the name of creating an incredible experience for your dancer and family members. It is absolutely inappropriate to treat any of the staff like your pocket Siri. DO NOT TEXT OR CALL US DURING DRESS REHEARSAL OR SHOW TO ASK HOW YOUR HAIR SHOULD BE, OR FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A REAL EMERGENCY. This is why we have spent so many hours on the performance hub. Use it- not us- as your personal reference guide and please allow us the mental bandwidth to focus making your day great.
    • For many of us, this is our first theatre experience. Welcome! Here’s what you should know:
      • Silence your cell phone.
      • We are a family show, and we welcome your youngest children. We think babies are adorable.
      • Stay seated during the show. Your dancers have put in so much time and effort to make you proud. Let’s be an attentive audience! If you must leave the theatre during the show, please do so in between numbers. The ushers are instructed NOT to open theatre doors with dancers on stage unless you’re on fire, having diarrhea, or your baby is screaming. Nobody will be released during intermission. 
      • The Union Colony Civic Center is a beautiful, professional venue, and this event is a big deal for your kids. We welcome all audience members to dress for the occasion.
      • Sometimes it’s confusing how to react- and we just told you it’s a big deal- but keep in mind this is theatre, and not a sport or a competition. We love an entertained audience! PLEASE clap enthusiastically, cheer loudly after all dances, and laugh at our jokes. AVOID shouting individual names, and definitely no waving signs or foam fingers. =)
Please do not film the show. Filming is a distraction and an annoyance to everyone seated around you. We have hired a professional videographer to film the show for you so you can concentrate on enjoying the moment. EVERYONE RECEIVES a copy of the show video via email- there is no additional charge. 
There is absolutely no flash photography during the show, and life is even better for those around you if you don’t pull out your camera at all. It never fails that when you’re holding up your phone, you’re blocking someone else’s view. We have hired a professional photographer to take action photos today. EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE ALL OF OUR PHOTOS AS OUR GIFT TO YOU. Merry Christmas!