Elevate Dance Center was born from the idea that what we wanted in a dance school just did not exist in our part of town. We opened our doors to a few founding families with four classes per week in January of 2018, but we have been steadily growing as word gets around. We continue to expand our course offerings as our student body grows, and EDC is now home to about 300 students comprised of both kids and adults who attend any combination of our approximate 40 classes a week. Our tribe has the most positive and empowering culture around, because we know we’re not just building great dancers; we’re building great people.

The Elevate Dance Center Giving Fund

We believe dance should be accessible to everyone, which is why we created The Elevate Dance Center Giving Fund. The EDCGF is a scholarship fund devoted to making sure dance lessons do not stop for EDC students who fall upon financial hardship. Financial assistance will be determined by application and may be based on need and/or merit.

Students who apply for and receive a scholarship from the EDCGF  will be provided any combination of tuition, fees and other associated costs (uniform, equipment, costume, production fee, etc.) for a dance education at Elevate Dance Center. In the event funding exceeds need, we reserve the right to distribute funds to other organizations or groups within the dance community, such as Dancers Against Cancer.