Keston Meyer

Keston Meyer grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and began his ballet training at the age of 15. He trained extensively with the late Ballet Master Marius Zirra until his passing in 2004. He later trained with The Brindusa-Moore Ballet Academy, as well as Summer Gold, Richard d’Alton, Edward Ellison, Constantin Apetri and Ballet Master Sir Florin Brindusa. He has been fortunate to study with Houston Ballet, Richmond Ballet, International Ballet of Houston, and Salzburg Ballet. He has worked as an Apprentice with Eugene Ballet, touring throughout the pacific-northwest, and as an Apprentice with Ballet Idaho. In 2011, Keston joined Teatul de Balet Sibiu, in Sibiu Romania where he performed in productions by Andrei Litvinov, Sergiu Anghel, Pavel Rotaru, Davis Robertson, Vasile Petrutiu, Mihai Babuska, Alexandru Fotescu, Oleg Danovski, Russell Hewey, Iancu Ovidiu Matei, and Aleisha Sibhoun Gardner; along with tours to Hungary, Italy, Sicily, U.S.A, and throughout Romania. In 2013 Keston was promoted to soloist, dancing roles in Nutcracker, Sleeping Beatuty, Le Corsaire, and Principle roles in Gardner’s Four Seasons and 9Pasi, Sergiu Anghel’s Missa Prophana, La Vivandiere, Swan Lake and many others. In 2014, Keston began testing his skills in choreography with his first full length show Through the Night, and later, the comical Ballet ‘The Briefcase’ and Vizual in TBS’s production of Simțuri. In 2017, Keston joined Wonderbound, performing roles in Garrett Ammon’s Celestial Navigation, Snow, Aphrodite’s Switchboard, and Sarah Tallman’s Away with the Fairies to name a few. Keston is currently dancing in his first season with Ballet Ariel in south Denver.